Hi, I'm Pedro Pimenta freelance graphic designer and front-end developer.

I love simple things, I advocate clean design that follows well-established standards and patterns familiar to the user. I love fast websites that load as quickly as possible. I design and code interfaces that work well across any screen, from mobile phones to big screens and I always build with accessibility in mind.

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Be careful when copying and pasting

12 October 2016

On one bug-fixing morning I found an invisible error that only manifested itself on Firefox. Much head-banging later I found the culprit to be copying and pasting from some weird software piece.


I like to call myself a front end designer: I studied Graphic Design at IDEP where I learned about typography, colors, marketing and grids. I interned at Mortensen where I designed websites and apps and quickly began coding them, as I've always had a thing for code. There, thanks mainly to Rude I perfected my HTML and CSS and learned about SASS, JavaScript, WordPress, design patterns, standards and accessibility.

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My entire name is Pedro da Gama Lança Guerra Pimenta and my email is pedro@pimenta.co.
You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Github, Designer News and Hacker News.